Leslie Anne Porter, RN, BSN, PHN, CHTP
Aura Soma Consultant
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

• Pain Relief
• Stress Reduction
• Cellular Memory Release

Healing Cellular Memory is a Nurse owned company dedicated to the alternative healing processes.  Located in Mount Vernon, WA, Healing Cellular Memory offers a service unique to the Pacific North West.  Through an in-person or telephone interview we can determine the best therapies needed for your particular situation.  Once decided I administer those therapies in a private, comfortable setting. All interviews are conducted in total privacy and are confidential.  All sessions are administered personally by Leslie Anne Porter.

Please click on the appropriate pages of this website for more information on the two therapies that I do.  To make an appointment for your personal interview, please call me at (360) 419-9856.