Leslie Anne Porter, RN, BSN, PHN, CHTP
Aura Soma Consultant
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

• Pain Relief
• Stress Reduction
• Cellular Memory Release

In today’s fast paced environment our bodies and the energy system that surrounds our bodies are constantly being hit with things that pull us out of the delicate balance that exists within us.  Because of this fast pace our stress level is increasing as we hurry to do the next thing on our list.  As the pace of our lives grows faster the delicate chakra systems of our bodies comes out of its natural alignment.  This can cause fatigue and dis ease within us and in our lives. 

Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that works with the chakra system and the auric field surrounding our body.  The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system.  Healing Touch can help to rid the body of pain, stress and disharmony.  It is a non-invasive therapy which is done by using gentle touch or by holding the hands just above the body in the energy field of the client. 

Healing Touch has several modalities which offer treatment for specific ailments.  It is proven to have positive effects for client’s pre and post-surgery with respect to healing time and pain management.  Healing Touch is also well documented to have positive results in the collaborative treatment of breast cancer as well as other medical conditions.  The initial Healing Touch session takes about an hour and a half, the next sessions take about an hour.  The cost is $85.00 for a session.