Leslie Anne Porter, RN, BSN, PHN, CHTP
Aura Soma Consultant
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

• Pain Relief
• Stress Reduction
• Cellular Memory Release

When my daughter faced the demons of hallucinations and behavior issues due to LSD, she was frequently placed in mental health facilities for treatment to no avail. Most of the medications were given in experimental ways, to see what worked for her.  Often the medications were inadequate and did little to help her.

As the typical concerned mother I wanted to do something for my daughter. My goal of course was to see my daughter treated properly and ultimately cured of the condition, without returning to drugs or alcohol.  I sought out Leslie to see if there were any spiritual or energy modalities which could be used to assist in my daughter’s treatment and she assured me that Soul Memory Discovery could assist her. After performing a few sessions at various times there was a noticeable shift in both behavior and affect. My daughter noticed changes in the frequency and loudness of the voices she was hearing (due to the pseudoschizophrenic disorder induced by her condition) that allowed her to think normally at times.

Following the Soul Memory Discovery treatments given by Leslie, recovery accelerated and the medications given to her were more effective. There was no instant normalcy, but the shift provided her an opportunity to realize that she could recover and that there were options in the future for a normal life.  After five years of treatment, support, spiritual and physical care, she is now looking at living a normal adult life.  She is currently enrolled in college and is doing well in her studies.  M S, San Diego, CA